Q: I ordered something and never got it.

A: Oh no! Please use the web form to get in touch and we'll get it sorted out.


Q: I bought something and want to return it.

A: We don't issue refunds for every item/order and handle returns on a case by case basis. Please use the web form to get in touch and we'll get it sorted out.


Q: I see a bracelet I like but I want it with a different kind of stud.

A: Get in touch and we'll make it for you!


  Q: I am a vendor or store and want to carry something you make.

A: Sick! Most small leather items and bracelets can be sold in wholesale quantities and prices. We're not a huge operation, so some of the other products, like our waxed canvas duffels that take a long time to make, may not make sense to re-sell. Get in touch using the contact page and let's talk.


Q: Are things on the store made-to-order or are they in stock?

A: Most items on the site are in stock and ready to ship. I do my best to indicate if a particular item needs to be made to order on the listing page.


Q: How do you make so many bracelets?

A: I've been making bracelets for a long time and have been improving my processes and tools along the way. I do have some equipment that helps speed up some of the steps, but every bracelet is handmade by me for you with studs.


Q: How long does shipping take?

A: I typically ship 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you order on one of those days, and the item is in stock, then it will most likely ship on the next MWF. If something is taking longer than you expected, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


Q: Do you take custom orders?

A: Yes...sometimes. If you have an idea for a motorcycle bag/roll or a piece of leather gear, please get in touch with relevant descriptions, photos, etc. and let's talk.


Q: Do you make things for other shops/vendors to sell?

A: Yes! We can do small manufacturing runs from a couple to a couple of hundred units and with custom stamping/branding. Perfect for small stores or brands who want some customized leather goods. Please get in touch using the form on the Contact page.