Primitive Ritual is run by one person (me) and in parallel to a full time job. As such, I do not typically take on customer projects and instead try to offer a cool and rotating selection of gear for folks to choose from. That said, I do love to hear your ideas for projects and will sometimes consider taking one on. By custom, I mean anything that is not currently listed/purchasable on my website.

To submit an idea, please use the Contact Form on this website.

For any custom piece, payment is required up front.

For Leather:

There is a minimum price of $75 for any custom leather item (bracelet, belt, bootstrap, wallet, etc.). Expect the price to be roughly 2-4 times the amount of a comparable item that I currently have listed on the website.



There is a minimum price of $100 for any chainstitch work.

I use a Cornely A chainstitch machine that was made in France during the 1930s. It's a laborious process, and uses a hand-crank underneath the machine to manually draw designs onto fabric. 

Ideally your project will involve:

- Denim or canvas jackets only (or a similar fabric). No leather. I will sometimes have a selection of denim jackets that I can also provide.

- A reasonable image/design to embroider with one to several colors (no photographs, I can't do it!)


To submit an idea, please use the contact form on the website to tell me:

- Type of jacket and size of jacket (including material) if you are providing your own.
- What you're looking to get embroidered, colors, etc.
Have ready: Pictures of the jacket and the imagery you are interested in.

I will reply with whether or not I am interested in the project, a quote, and estimated turnaround times.