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Maximum Coverage 6-5-6 Heavy Cuff

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Fully decked wide cuff studded with a 6-5-6 pattern of small 77 studs.

This cuff measures at 2 3/4" wide.


This cuff is made to order and may face up to a three week lead time before shipping.

Lining: I provide three options for lining on this cuff:

No Lining: Expect a high quality cuff for the best value.
Soft Leather Lining: A soft piece of leather is glued on the back and (for some bracelets secured with rivets). This provides an additional barrier between the backs of the studs/hardware and your wrist.
Stitched Straps: This is the highest quality and durability of studded bracelet you can find anywhere. Stitching a liner leather onto the straps provides a huge amount of reinforcement on the most articulated part of the bracelet. The straps will age beautifully, and not become flimsy or stretch over time. This technique is used in equestrian and BDSM applications where strength is paramount. This takes a significant amount of work to add on, but is well worth the additional investment. For the liner leather, I use Wickett & Craig harness leather. This is a high quality, USA sourced leather that will age nicely with the bracelet. 

For sizing: Measure around your wrist with a piece of string. If you are between half inch measurements, please use the larger size. A larger bracelet will have less "negative space" or a little extra room while a smaller bracelet will have more negative space.