Handmade leather punk braclets

Single Buckle Cuffs

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Some sick leather gear that's ready to ship. These aren't custom made so I can price them a little lower.

See the second picture for the numbering:

1. Bondage bracelet with a strap that runs the length of the piece.
2. Single ring bondage bracelets
3. Small 77 backed bracelet. These are made using Wickett and Craig Harness leather and have an oxblood harness leather backing. The strap side is stitched for reinforcement. These two bracelets are also hand stitched at the top to make it so that there won't be any metal touching your skin (including the buckle rivet).
4. Same as above but the back of the buckle rivet is exposed to your skin.
5. Same as above but this the backing is stitched on using purple Ritza Tiger thread and the backing is a brown harness leather.


Want one of these but with different studs? You can build your own using this order form!